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Your First Visit with Sprout Chiropractic

Curious what it looks like once you start care with Sprout? Here's a breakdown!

When scheduling your appointment, you are sent a welcome email and a paperwork email. You fill out the paperwork relevant to you prior to our meeting. This way, I am able to read ahead of time your personal health story - what are you struggling with, what stress are you under now, what stressors has your body dealt with in the past, what are your goals for moving forward with your health.

Then, day of the appointment, I come to your home (please do not feel like you need to clean up your house!:) ) and bring my chiropractic table, INSiGHT neurological scanners, and adjusting equipment. We talk through the paperwork and have a conversation around your health - why are you choosing chiropractic care, what are you hoping to gain, where do you want to go on your health journey?

Then, we do the three neurological scans. The heart rate variability scan takes about 3 minutes. You rest your hand on the scanner and sit quietly while the software does the work. The thermal scan and muscle EMG scan require skin contact and you are provided a gown to change into. These two are performed along your neck and back.

Once the scans are done, a physical exam and spinal exam are performed. This includes range of motion, balancing, and an assessment of your spine.

If there are no contraindications, you will get adjusted on this visit too!

I always check in with clients the day after their first visit to see if they have any questions or concerns, and check in to see how their body is doing after the adjustment.

Questions? Looking to book in? Hit the Book Now! link at the top of the page, or call/text 406-607-1892!

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