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The Four Pillars of the Fourth Trimester

Learn about the four pillars of the fourth trimester so that you can better plan and prepare for your own healing postpartum! So often the pregnancy and delivery gets focused on, and the postpartum period gets forgotten about. Let's change that by not only coming up with a birth plan, but a postpartum plan as well!

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Supplemental Fourth Trimester Guide

Use this guide to help you plan and prepare for your healing after your baby's arrival: The Four Pillars.

The questions in the guide are not an exhaustive list by any means, but are intended to generate conversation between you and your loved ones around how you can set up a system of support.

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Understanding Your Nervous System: How to go from surviving to thriving

Feel like you get stuck in the hamster wheel of life regularly? Deal with anxiousness, feelings of overwhelm, or like you can't cope with stress? Let's break down the different parts of the nervous system, how they work, and how you can impact your body's response to stress. The goal is to walk away knowing you have short term and long term strategies for managing your stress!

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