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It's the Holidays!

There is a meme floating around on the Internet saying that we don't have cold/flu season, we have a candy holiday followed by a pie holiday followed by a cookies holiday followed by an alcohol holiday. Whew, that's a lot of things that can be affecting your health!

*Total disclaimer* I have a sweet tooth. So this post isn't to shame anybody, because I am right there with you, navigating the holidays while trying not to indulge too crazily but also letting myself enjoy treats!

But back to the original thought of the post - I don't think the flu deserves its own season. Here's why: when we say "it is just that time of year" it takes less responsibility off of us for our actions. We are saying that it is out of our control, because of our external circumstances. However, things are still in control during the holidays and winter season.

You have a choice in what you eat.

You have a choice in how much you sleep.

You have a choice in how much you drink.

You have a choice in what traditions you decide to participate in.

You have a choice in gift buying and giving.

You have a choice in who you interact with (most of the time).

If you make healthier choices, it offsets the fact that sugar intake does tend to be higher, sleep tends to be a little less (at least at my house), you are indoors more often with others (and therefore possibly at higher risk of interacting with someone who is carrying a bug), and possibly the wallet is getting a little tighter.

Your body's ability to adapt to stress measures your level of health. How are you adapting to your physical, chemical, mental, emotional, financial stressors?

You have a choice! Take care of yourself this holiday season and control what you can control. Your health matters :)

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