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Common versus Normal - what is the difference?

What is the difference between common and normal physiology? The signs and symptoms of our body often get dismissed as being normal.

"Oh, getting headaches is normal for me."

"Its just the normal period cramps."

"I get digestive issues after eating certain foods, but that's just normal."

"Isn't some level of anxiety normal for everyone?

In a normal physiological situation, your body wouldn't be sending out warning signals. Brushing them aside, or saying you will deal with them later, usually means that it'll just become an even bigger problem.

Thank goodness for symptoms, because they can tell us where we need to correct and adjust the different areas of our lives. But that's the key part, that we are paying attention AND responding.

Think of something in your health and wellbeing that you have been pushing off, and commit to responding to it!

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