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Chiropractic and Your Pregnancy

Seeing a chiropractor during a woman's pregnancy is becoming more common. Why is that? More and more birth providers are seeing the benefits of care when their patients are under chiropractic care during the preconception-pregnancy-postpartum periods.

By keeping the mother's pelvis balanced, there is optimal room for the baby to have while in the growing in the womb. Balance in the muscles, ligaments, and bones of her hips means the pregnancy may feel more comfortable for her, as well as labor and delivery.

The birth process can be a lot of work for both the mother and the child, and chiropractic care ensures that the process goes as smoothly as possible when it comes time for the baby to be born.

The Webster prenatal training that I received gives me the tools I need to properly assess and take care of my pregnant clients. Pregnancy can be a roller-coaster sometimes and being there to support mothers during this transition is something I especially enjoy!

Whether it is your first, fifth, or tenth baby, each time it is new in its own way, and my goal is to care for your health and wellbeing so that you have the experience you deserve!

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