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Why is Sprout a Membership Practice?

Existing clients know that Sprout is a membership practice, but do you know why? The idea of a practice like this was born from several things. As a student in chiropractic school, I shadowed at two different offices that had memberships for their clients, and then after school, I worked at an office as an associate where we transitioned to a membership. I loved the idea of creating a way for my clients and their families to be able to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care without it being a big investment of their time and money.

Think of a gym membership - you sign up with the intention of taking better care of yourself. You go as often as needed to meet your goals. Over time, while consistently showing up at the gym, you start to see results. You work to continue to maintain the progress that you have made and you reap the benefits!

A chiropractic membership is similiar - you decide that you want to commit to bettering your health, you show up to your appointments, and with time, you see the results in your health and wellbeing. What the results are will depend on your uniqueness and health story. The beauty of the membership is that it is the same financial commitment every month, regardless of how many times you are coming. Once you have reached a certain point in care, you transition to the maintenance part of your health journey.

When I was developing Sprout, I considered my own family. At the time, we were a family of 5. I considered what your average family of 5 could realistically invest and framed my practice around this. The tagline for Sprout is Growing Healthy Families for a reason. When every person in the family is getting adjusted, when everybody's nervous system is working free of any tension and interference, it creates a synergistic effect and energy in the family. Let me be clear, in my family we are all still humans and very much have human emotions and reactions, lest you think we are functioning perfectly because that is far from the case!

By having each family member getting adjusted, there is overall less aches and pains, less symptoms, less sickness, and so on. When everybody feels better, they interact from a calmer place, more from a place of happiness and ease. In my own family, we each get adjusted weekly/biweekly, depending on circumstances. Again, I wanted my practice to be a place where a whole family could have this same experience. No matter how many family members there are, no matter how frequently someone may be coming, there is an option for everyone.

Curious how this would work for you and yours? DM us!

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