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What Does Nervous System Chiropractic Care Mean?

More and more people are looking for a nervous system chiropractor. But how do you recognize what nervous system-based chiropractic care looks like?

There are two main indicators at Sprout: the initial appointment and the conversations you have with me, Dr. Morgan. A chiropractor who is interested in the wellbeing of your nervous system will do tests to that specifically assess the nervous system. In my office, I do a series of tests called INSiGHT scans. These three scans - muscle EMG, thermal scan, and heart rate variability - measure how efficiently the nervous system is functioning. The muscle EMG scan measures how much energy is being used in your body by your postural muscles. The thermal scan measures how efficiently your brain is communicating with your organs, blood vessels, and glands. The heart rate variability measures your body's ability to adapt to stress, also known as your resiliency.

It is based on the results of this scans coupled with your health goals that I make my recommendations for care. The scans tell us where your bodily function is at and your health goals tell us where you want to go. The chiropractic care, along with other health decisions you make outside of the office, bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The conversations you have with a chiropractor who focuses on the nervous system will be about your stressors, in addition to your symptoms. Yes, we will talk about what is bothering you at each visit, but we will also talk about what stress is on your plate. There often is a correlation between flare ups of symptoms and increased stress loads. Keep in mind that stressors can come in many shapes and forms, whether it is physical (big things like sports injuries or car accidents, or small things like daily posture), chemical (the quality of your food and water, the air, your cleaning and beauty products), and mental (emotional, financial stress, relationships, jobs).

Symptoms are your body's way of communicating to you that something isn't right. Your brain-body communication (the nervous system) determines how well your body functions. Your brain controls literally everything in your body. How well your body functions determines how well you feel aka presence or absence of symptoms. If there is a breakdown in communication in the nervous system, between your brain and your body, dysfunction will occur. If dysfunction is present, this will lead to symptoms popping up.

Your chiropractor (that's me!) cares about how you are feeling because that is one of our windows into how your nervous system is functioning. The other window we have is the INSiGHT scans. At Sprout, reassessment scans are done after every 12 visits or every 3 months, depending on whichever comes first. This way we can measure both subjectively (our conversations about how you are feeling) and objectively (the data from the scans) how your nervous system is doing.

To look for a nervous system focused chiropractor really means that you are looking for a deeper level of care. A round of chiropractic visits can resolve your symptoms but it often isn't enough to get to the deeper level of dysfunction that is happening. Consistent chiropractic care facilitates a deeper level of healing in the brain and the body, and just like going to the gym or eating healthier, it takes time and commitment to fully appreciate the depth of the results.

Questions? If you are not local, check out to find a chiropractor near you!

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