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The Newest Arrival is Here!

This sweet face is the newest member of the family! Miss Kenna joined us on Thursday Dec 9th, after a quick labor and delivery at home (and by quick I mean we didn't have time to fully fill the birth tub and one of the midwives didn't get there until after she was born!). Everything went smoothly and she and I were able to rest and snuggle at home in our own bed for most of the following week, while friends and family took care of my other three kiddos, and my husband took care of the rest of the things at home.

We have slowly been transitioning into a family of six and I am learning day by day how to take care of four littles! It's kind of a circus in our house these days :) but I'm recognizing where expectations need to be lowered (like toys don't need to be picked up multiple times a day) and slowly slooooowly figuring out a new daily routine for us at home.

Giving grace to yourself, myself, and the rest of the family is important here, as is resting and healing! It looks a little different from the first time I had a baby - no other kiddos that need tending to - but as a wise woman once said, babies don't keep! So if you need me over the next couple of weeks before I return to practice, I'll be on my rocking chair holding Kenna, while trying to ignore the mess of toys everywhere :)

Hours will be changing slightly so keep an eye out for a future post regarding this! My schedule opens again for clients starting the week of February 1st!

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