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Postpartum Principle 4: Bodywork

I created a Prepare for Your Postpartum Course to fill the gap I see in the preconception-pregnancy-birth-postpartum world. There is a lot of emphasis on the pregnancy and the birth (for very good reason) but that emphasis falls off quickly in the postpartum period, when a mother is in one of the most vulnerable stages of her life. My goal with this course was to give mothers a framework for their healing and recovery postpartum so that they feel supported and cared for during this time. Over the next handful of weeks I'm going to be sharing more information on what I believe is the five basic principles of postpartum.

This week's topic is on bodywork.

Bodywork in the forms of chiropractic care, craniosacral work, massage therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, craniofascial work, Mayan abdominal massage and others are all external ways that you can take care of your body. The intentional and specific care that you would receive from a practitioner can also walk you through your healing and recuperation postpartum. 

Chiropractic care addresses your nervous system through your spine, craniosacral and craniofascial address the fascia surrounding your nervous system, massage and Mayan abdominal massage address the muscles as well as your visceral organs, and pelvic floor physical therapy addresses the healing of your pelvic floor. 

In addition to care you may receive from a practitioner, you can also get loving bodywork at home from loved ones and your own self. This can include things like head, neck, and foot rubs, dry brushing, C-section scar desensitization, and yoni steaming. It is up to you to decide what will feel good and nourishing for your body.

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