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Postpartum Principle 2: Nutrition

I created a Prepare for Your Postpartum Course to fill the gap I see in the preconception-pregnancy-birth-postpartum world. There is a lot of emphasis on the pregnancy and the birth (for very good reason) but that emphasis falls off quickly in the postpartum period, when a mother is in one of the most vulnerable stages of her life. My goal with this course was to give mothers a framework for their healing and recovery postpartum so that they feel supported and cared for during this time. Over the next handful of weeks I'm going to be sharing more information on what I believe is the five basic principles of postpartum.

This week's topic is on nutrition.

The food we eat is what nourishes the cells of our body. When it comes to healing, the quality of our nutrients and the types of nutrients in our food makes a difference. Think of sources of protein, high quality fats, and healthy carbohydrates. During the postpartum period, the food you eat and what you drink plays a role in how well you feel and how quickly you heal. 

Having meals in the freezer, having a meal train from friends and family set up for after your baby arrives, and/or having a meal delivery service all take the pressure off of you needing to know what to eat and having to prepare it when you should be resting with your baby. Snacks bought or prepared ahead of time are also an easy way to get the nutrients you need. 

How do you know what is nourishing? Research Ayurvedic medicine and other cultures’ postpartum food traditions. You’ll find there is much information on warming foods, warming spices, easy to digest foods, and comforting meals. Meats, eggs, cooked vegetables, broth, and grains like rice and quinoa are staples. 

Ways to prepare for your nourishment, postpartum:

Prepare a meal plan, with drinks and snacks included.

Set up a meal train.

What warming foods, spices, drinks do you want to add to your meal planning?

What do you want to be your first meal after your baby arrives?

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