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Slowing down during the Holidays

Every year, just before Thanksgiving, there is a feeling in the air I have noticed. Part of it is excitement with the holidays and festive season coming, part of it is a hustle&bustle that has to do with everything extra around the holidays.

Maybe it's just this year, being due for a baby right before Christmas, but I especially have felt myself putting the mental brakes on things. We're keeping it simple this year. We're not traveling anywhere. Christmas gifts are already bought and have either arrived or will be shortly.

I've done some Christmas baking, but because I wanted to, and not because I felt I had to. We've decorated our house, and I did some extra things, like make a gingerbread village with my kids and made a homemade cranberry and dried orange garland. But again, this was because I wanted to and not because I felt I had to keep up with a tradition or obligation that Christmas is supposed to look a certain way.

This time of year is supposed to be joyful, peaceful, filled with all the good things. There really isn't any reason you need to keep anything that is stressful on your plate. Stress only takes away from that which is meaningful, and your mental and physical sanity isn't worth it.

You had to know chiropractic was going to show up in here at some point, right?;) But really, know your limitations and stick with them. Going to a lot of parties? It's okay if you leave early because you're tired. Lots of goodies around? It's okay to indulge but just as okay to remove the goodies from your home. Finances are tight? You don't need the added stress of trying to get gifts for every extra person (I struggle with this, because I really enjoy giving gifts).

All of the extra stress will wear down on your body. Getting adjusted regularly will help you maintain resiliency against your stressors, but you also cannot expect to out-adjust the overwhelm you may feel during this time.

Take care of yourself. Rest. Eat good food. Enjoy the things that make you happy. And have a happy holiday season!

P.S. This may be my last blog before baby comes, and if so, I will be going quiet for the first handful of weeks to rest, heal, and snuggle the new addition to our family! I will be back after the new year!

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