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Healing Takes Time

Chiropractic has 33 principles. Principle #6 says "All processes take time". When it comes to your body and your healing, there are two things I know for certain: healing is NOT linear and healing requires time. This can be frustrating, especially if it feels like you are reverting backwards in your health journey and always landing back at square one.

Our bodies are complex organisms. If a pattern of health has been present for a long time (years, decades) it can take a long time for it to change and resolve. If you have had the same eating habits for years, the same movement habits, the same job, experienced the same toxic relationship, the same emotional struggles, the same financial struggles, for days, months, years, it is absolutely going to take TIME to heal.

There is a saying, meant to be on the humorous side, that you aren't Amazon Prime, you can't get healed in two days. When someone comes into my office, and wonders why their symptoms haven't gone away in a week or two, we have to have a conversation about how LONG they have been experiencing dysfunction. For many of us, the first time of tension and strain on our bodies was during the birth process, when we were being born. From there, our life experiences add layers to our physiology. Every bump, fall, emotional distress, food intake, sports injuries, car accidents, loss of loved ones, mental wellbeing all adds to these layers.

You may feel change immediately after one adjustment, but it is going to take time to fully change your neurological pattern of your body. Like it was said at the beginning, healing is also not linear. You'll have good days and you'll have great days, and you will also have bad and terrible days. That is a part of life. The biggest key here is that you remain CONSISTENT with whatever healthier habits you are implementing. Are you getting adjusted regularly? Are you going to bed at the time you said you would? Are you moving your body on a daily basis? Are you eating the nourishing food that your body needs? This list goes on and on.

Healing takes time. But it may take less time the more consistent you are with your actions. And what do you have control over at the end of the day? Your actions. You ultimately get to decide how you are going to show up in each season of your life.

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