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Chiropractic Care is a Lifestyle

Real talk: getting adjusted is not a one and done thing. It can be, but if that is how you approach it, you are missing out on the deeper, longer-lasting effects of chiropractic care. Do you eat one healthy meal and call it a day? Do you do one workout and you are good for life? Do you get one good night's sleep and not worry about your sleep quality ever again?

Chiropractic care should be an ongoing part of your healthy lifestyle. Here's why: each adjustment has a neurological effect on the body. When you have regular, consistent chiropractic adjustments, each adjustment builds on the changes from the last. This is how you get lasting change. Our body takes TIME to create change and sustain it. It takes TIME to heal. When you first see a chiropractor, you may be given recommendations to get checked on a weekly (or more) basis. This is because a high frequency of neurological checks in the beginning creates a snowball effect. Once you have gotten the snowball steadily moving, you can decrease in frequency. At this point it is a matter of maintaining the progress you have made.

You may feel at some point that you have invested enough of your time and finances in care and you choose to be done. You are the one in control of your actions so this is absolutely your call. However (yes, there is a however here) life and its stressors will not stop. Stress is an inevitable part of life, and the effects of stress is what leads to problems. When we have an overwhelm of stress in our body, our brain-body communication suffers as a result, which leads to dysfunction in our body, which leads to symptoms. Ideally we would stay ahead of this cycle by ensuring proper brain-body communication. One of the surest ways to do this is through chiropractic care.

The chiropractic adjustment is designed to release areas of the tension in the spine and spinal cord that are interfering with brain-body communication. You may be at a point in your life where you aren't experiencing symptoms. Amazing! Your stressors are likely still there though. You want to maintain resiliency to those stressors. Resiliency comes from, you guessed it, an optimal brain-body connection.

I fully understand that there are seasons in life where we decide to take a step back from certain health choices. You may be in a season where you had to reprioritize and remove chiropractic care from being in the top. That is okay. The more important thing is that you return to chiropractic care down the road, when you are out of this season. It is for the sake of your health and longevity that you continue to take care of your nervous system.

My main goal in my work is to support my clients wherever they are at with their health goals. Sprout is a judgement free practice. For those that are wanting to prioritize chiropractic care, I will see you on the table. For those that aren't there yet, or have taken a step back for various reasons, hopefully I will see you down the road :)

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