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But Is It Worth It?

When it comes to investing in our health, it costs us two things: time and money. So you weigh your options. What do I gain if I do invest? What happens if I don't? Time and money are valuable resources, so it makes sense that we would want to make wise decisions when it comes to spending them.

It can feel difficult to spend money on getting bodywork (that maybe doesn't feel necessary), or one higher quality food (local and/or organic) or cleaner household products. But what does it cost you if you don't make the change?

Let's use the simple example of low back pain. You are experiencing it more often now. It's starting to bug you, and make it more difficult to get things done around home and work. Maybe your energy is starting to feel less, from your body feeling achy. Maybe you're not sleeping great because the achiness in your back wakes you up when you shift position. Maybe you are an active person and this is starting to limit your activities. What are the ways that it is impacting your day to day life?

Okay, now, if you don't change anything, what might happen with your low back pain? It might go away. It might get worse. And maybe it doesn't feel "bad enough" to do anything about it yet. But, if it is already starting to impact your life, why wouldn't you do something about it?

In the short term, it can feel uncomfortable to spend time and money on your health and wellbeing. But take a bird's eye view on your health and look down the road to see where your health is headed. Do you like the view or not?

What if making a decision today towards better health changes the trajectory of that road? Every day you have choices to make, and they either move you down a healthier road or a sicker road. So upfront it can feel like it is taking a lot of investment on your part, but what does it cost you to not invest?

Is it costing you quality of life? Is it costing you your ability to do your work? Is it costing your relationship with your spouse and or kids? Is it costing you your ability to do your hobbies? Is it costing you your mental wellbeing?

What is it costing you? What is it worth? What are your priorities?

Curious to hear your thoughts!

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