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Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Your Pregnancy

It is becoming more mainstream to see a chiropractor during your pregnancy. Let's discuss a few of the changes in your body and the benefits of getting consistent chiropractic care while pregnant!

Shortly after conception, your body is already making drastic changes to accommodate for the pregnancy. The hormone level of progesterone stays high. Your uterus begins to grow. Your body starts creating relaxin, a hormone that targets the joints of your body and allows for laxity of the tissues in these areas. Your blood volume increases. Your body creates a new organ, the placenta. Your breasts grow. Your heart rate increases. Your breathing rate increases. Your energy levels fluctuate. Your sleep quality may fluctuate. You may feel nauseous or have some form of morning sickness. (Side note: can we change this name? Because most women I know experience their nausea at all times of the day, not just the morning). Your digestion might slow down. Your immune systems adjusts for the presence of the baby. Your posture will adapt as your belly grows outward. Thanks to those fluctuating hormone levels, your mood and emotions will likely be up and down too.

A lot is happening! So why see a chiropractor now? The basic principle of the chiropractic adjustment is to find where there are areas of tension in your nervous system and help the tension to decrease. When this happens, there is improvement in the communication between your brain and your body. There is better awareness of what changes are happening in your body as your baby grows.

On top of this, there are many symptoms associated with pregnancy. A few were listed above, like nausea, decreased energy levels, and poor sleep. Clients also report more achiness and stiffness in their body, especially in their hips and low back. Headaches, constipation, increased susceptibility to getting sick, round ligament pain, muscle cramping, dizziness, skin changes, heartburn, and increased urination are just a few more of the common symptoms women experience.

Clients report that they feel better when getting adjusted regularly. Their achiness and stiffness usually decreases and in most cases goes away. Sleep improves. Digestion improves. Headaches decrease. Round ligament pain decreases. Heartburn may improve. Do you see the trend here? As your brain continues to communicate more clearly, your body function improves, and you feel better.

Pregnancy is time filled with a lot of changes, some which are exciting and some which can be harder to accept. It is worthwile for both you and your baby to have a comfortable experience during those 40-some weeks that you spend together before birth.

Speaking of birth! Getting adjusted also can make for a more comfortable delivery. The chiropractic adjustment from a Webster-trained chiropractor is designed to ensure the pelvis is well balanced. Better balance in the alignment of the bones of your pelvis makes it easier for your baby to descend during the labor process.

It's a win-win-win all around, getting adjusted during your pregnancy! You are more comfortable, your baby is more comfortable, and you will hopefully have a great labor and delivery experience. I love to hear the birth stories, when I do that first postpartum visit with a new mom and her baby. It is a special experience and honor to walk alongside you as you grow your little person and then getting to meet them after their birth!

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