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Prevention vs Preparation

Prevention versus preparation - this is a concept that was introduced to me via Instagram a month or so ago and I was struck by how simple but perfect it is. We can talk about stress all day long, facilitating your immune response, impacting your brain function through the adjustment, but the thing is, you are *guaranteed* to run into obstacles on your health journey.

You see, I had thought if I took care of myself, moved my body, ate nourishing meals, drank filtered water, got adjusted, took my supplements, spent time outside and in other ways that filled my cup, I should be good to go! I'll never get sick, dodging illnesses with finesse. I should have great energy and mindset. Rainbows and butterflies for the rest of my days!

Can you hear me laughing at myself as I type that? Lo and behold, I got kicked down fiercely by a bug a few weeks. Like wiped out on the couch taking multiple naps a day, need to recoup my energy after I make breakfast for my family hard. I was miserable. I'm not a very good patient either.

Whether it was the beloved "C" virus or another flu virus, who knows, but I do know that its been a while since I have truly been that sick for that long. I complained to my poor husband (bless his heart for listening to all of my complaining) that "I'm a healthy person, why am I sick?"

Here's my lesson though - I cannot prevent obstacles from occurring, either from myself or from you, my client. But what we can do is prepare - prepare our bodies and minds so that we are resilient and can move through those obstacles in the best way possible.

Maybe if I wasn't taking care of myself when I got that virus I would have ended up in the hospital. I had tools in my toolbox though, and had quite the arsenal of supplements on hand to assist my body in healing. I slept a LOT. I drank a ton of fluids. And did my best to give myself grace when it felt like it was taking forever to get over it.

We can't rush nature's course though, and thankfully after a week I was starting to feel like myself and about 10 days after, I felt back to being basically 100%.

So, think of it as your job to prepare instead of prevent! And know that I'm here to support you on your health journey in doing so :)

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