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What's in your cupboard?

Tools in your toolbox, supplies in your cupboard. I joke that we don't have a medicine cabinet, we have a supplement cupboard. There might be a lone bottle of ibuprofen rattling around in the back, but by far and away, the cupboard is filled with different kinds of supplements and herbs to be used as needed, to support our bodies.

At the forefront is Vitamin C, Vitamin D, magnesium, homeopathy remedies, colloidal silver, and some salves. Vit C and D are necessary for helping your body's immune system fight off illness. Vit D is something we take daily during the winter months, due to the lower amount of sunshine we get here in the Flathead. Vit C we take as needed; but as soon as I notice symptoms coming on in either myself or one of my kids, we start taking it. And should it progress, I will increase the dose.

Magnesium is another supplement we use to help with sleep and muscle issues. As a mom of littles, I don't necessarily get long stretches of uninterrupted sleep, but what I have noticed when I take the magnesium before bed, I sleep more deeply during the uninterrupted stretches that I do get. My husband deals with restless legs and keeping up on his magnesium intake keeps the creepy crawling misery at bay.

Homeopathy is a fascinating world of remedies. I won't pretend to know much about it, other than I have learned to reach for a homeopathic remedy before most anything else when my kids are struggling with symptoms like a tough cough, or suddenly spike a fever. Find the homeopathy section at your natural foods store and start to build an arsenal to have at home. It is such a relief to know that at 3 am when my kid is sick I have a possible solution in my cupboard. (Side note: we have dealt with dry cough spells a few times this fall and thank goodness for homeopathy remedies!)

Colloidal silver I love to have on hand for the same reason at Vit C. The efficacy of silver has been shown to help fight off illness, and can be taken on a short term or long term basis. There are liquid drops, nasal sprays, and throat sprays, and maybe more varieties that I don't know of, available to use.

What else in my cupboard? Aloe and psyllium husk (helps out a constipated person much better than Miralax ever will), herbal muscle relaxers, witch hazel, prenatal vitamins, Quercetin, N-acetyl cysteine, Zinc, and quite possibly more that I can't see hiding behind the other bottles.

But supplements aside, garlic, onions, raw local honey, and turmeric are also powerful "food as medicine" items to have on hand at home. You can make poultices, you can eat them raw, you can ferment garlic in honey, you can make turmeric lattes, there are many ways that your diet can also positively impact your health.

A favorite quote of mine is "health is expensive, but have you seen the cost of illness?" It can sometimes be intimidating to spend money on things we may not know much about, like homeopathy for example, but your health is worth your investment!

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